The first piadina with low glycemic impact

JAXplus Recipes Piatti unici The first piadina with low glycemic impact

We had the privilege of interviewing Giordana Legnazzi, the creative mind behind this project, exploring her journey to bring PIADA, an innovative nutritional piadina, to Swedish tables and soon also to Italian ones.

The idea of PIADA stems from the curious mind of Giordana, a sociologist passionate about Food Culture and innovative nutrition. We will discover the main motivations behind this project, the secrets that make PIADA unique and healthy, and the role of JAXplus® in this innovation.

My professional journey diverges from the typical background of those working in the food industry. As a sociologist passionate and always curious about trends and nutrition, I nurtured the desire to delve deeper, study, and experiment. After spending several years in Sweden, where I managed a traditional Italian tavern, I felt compelled to introduce something new: an idea inspired by Italy but capable of respecting fundamental criteria such as taste, health, innovation, and sustainability. And that’s how Food4Future was born.

I wanted to conceive something delicious and healthy, a product that could satisfy the palate while being beneficial for our physical well-being. Too often, the standards of a healthy diet have been distant from the concept of taste. I wanted something that would make you want to eat it again and again!

I believe the key elements are the use of lupin flour as a protein source and the soluble fiber JAXplus®. In addition, there are the benefits of whole grains and seeds in the mix, providing a supply of polyunsaturated fats and polyphenols.

JAXplus® has been an amazing surprise, giving a phenomenal boost to PIADA.

Thanks to the soluble fiber JAXplus®, we have the opportunity to bring to the Italian and Swedish markets the first low glycemic index protein piadina JAXplus®. This soluble fiber, rich in Arabinoxylans, extracted from by-products of wheat processing and dosed at 5% of the carbohydrate content in the product, as suggested by the European Food Safety Authority, is a fundamental component of PIADA.

I would say no! From the start, there was a synergy that led to a smooth and fruitful collaboration. And this is just the beginning of a relationship that will give rise to a truly interesting product line.

We faced them with as much fear as determination. With hundreds of trials, tests, and formula changes until we achieved what we believe to be a great product. A process that saw an almost all-female team combining passions and skills, of which I am very proud.

We spent a year “on the road” in Sweden, testing PIADA directly on a food truck. We received positive feedback and suggestions from consumers. Experts analyzed the formula and were pleasantly surprised and enthusiastic. A great result, I would say!

Food4Future strongly aims to detach from “diet culture”, which penalizes and guilt-trips food while simultaneously encouraging the consumption of “empty” and ultra-processed food that promises to be healthy.

PIADA is simple, real food, yet innovative, and the innovation comes from simply natural ingredients. Thanks to innovative technological processes, it’s possible to add a 100% natural ingredient, JAXplus®, making PIADA suitable for daily consumption.

We know that our diet, too rich in refined carbohydrates and sugars, is not healthy and sustainable on various fronts. The increase in chronic-degenerative diseases, diabetes, and obesity should urge us to find new solutions. They exist and come from the earth, and above all, we can recover them from agro-industrial processing residues. Increasing the consumption of plant-based proteins and soluble fibers, which specifically limit the impact of glucose in our bodies, are the keys to the future of nutrition.

The next step, after launching in the Swedish market, will be the Italian market, which is more demanding but ready because the Italian consumer is attentive and knowledgeable. Heallo solutions will be by our side, fueling a synergy that has been created thanks to the immediate affinities that characterized us. We will continue with a baked product and, why not, pasta, the queen of our tables. We will create pasta that is both delicious and has a low glycemic impact for those who don’t want to give up Italian flavor.

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