Indice e carico glicemico
14 October 2020

Glycaemic index or glycaemic load? Let’s clear the air.

A balanced diet tends to go hand in hand with controlling food glycaemic load (GL). Find out here why GL is different from glycaemic index (GI) and how the latter affects the former. Glycaemic index lately receives ample attention in discussions about health, while less focus tends to go to glycaemic load. Glycaemic index gains […]
Fravort beer
24 June 2020

From the meeting between JAXplus and the Fratelli Perrella artisan brewery, Fravort Doppio Mosto, Double Wort, was created, the first beer with a low glycaemic impact.

JAXplus, the revolutionary selection of soluble fibres extracted from the surplus of the beer production, is left naturally in the beverage to create a new Fravort Kellerbier which reduces the glycaemic peak during digestion: same taste, double lightness. Fravort Doppio Mosto, Double Wort: good in every sense Fravort is an Italian craft Kellerbier with the […]
19 February 2020

With the JAXplus patent, Heallo is among the 9 start-ups chosen for the Food Tech Accelerator programme

he Heallo start-up is among the 9 selected out of more than 600 candidates for the Food Tech Accelerator project coordinated by Deloitte Officine Innovazione in collaboration with Amadori, Cereal Docks, Digital Magics, Birra Peroni and COPROB Italia Zuccheri. Thanks to the JAXplus patent, the extraction process of the soluble fibres which reduces the postprandial […]