The JAXplus ingredient

JAXplus The JAXplus ingredient

JAXplus is patented by Heallo

The JAXplus patent makes it possible to select the arabinoxylans which are particularly effective in reducing the glycaemic peak following digestion and in decreasing insulin stimulation, with evident advantages for the metabolic profile, in the short term and above all in the long term.
It is found as a powdered ingredient of a beige colour and it can be used in all foods and beverages which contain carbohydrates to reduce their glycaemic index.

With JAXplus food is

the flavour and consistency of the foods are not modified

increases the ratio of soluble fibre, basis for a healthy and balanced diet


What are arabinoxylans

Arabinoxylans are soluble fibres able to form a viscous gel which slows the gastric emptying and increases the sense of fullness already in the stomach. JAXplus technology extracts a special selection of soluble fibre (arabinoxylan) which is able to drastically reduce the increase in glycaemic index after meals, an increase which, as it is known, influences not only the accumulation of fat but health in general. The high glycaemic index after meals is, in fact, one of the risk factors of metabolic syndrome, and it is related with the development of diabetes, kidney failure, neuropathies, cardiovascular diseases, as confirmed by the EFSA(European Food Safety Authority).

The scientific foundation – Clinical tests

Clinical tests by the University of Pavia have demonstrated how the addition of JAXplus to different foods has reduced their glycaemic impact; one tolerability study has highlighted the absence of negative effects associated to its consumption in the usual diet and an overall improvement in the vitamins and mineral salts in the blood.

Valorise the surplus materials

JAXplus is effective for health and sustainable for the environment. It is obtained, in fact, by processing surpluses and leftovers of grains (wheat bran, spent barley grains, oat gran, beetroot pulp): an actual innovation in the research of healthy nutritional solutions, in an outlook of circular economy and sustainability.

Business model

Two development models for the JAXplus product: from one side, the production of an ingredient to be added to foods which contain carbohydrates and sugars to reduce the glycaemic index, on the other side, the application of the technology in synergy with partner companies for the creation of new products with a low glycaemic impact.

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