Vegan Ketchup

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Vegan Ketchup

It gives flavor and liveliness to dishes of those who choose a low glycemic index diet and look for a healthy and genuine diet.

Our ketchup is produced with ripe tomatoes that contain pectin, a natural thickener that allows us to avoid synthetic additives, in line with our philosophy, which pursues a diet that is functional to well-being and improving health.

The ingredients contained are carefully selected and give the product a unique and characterized flavor. The presence of JAXplus® in the recipe contributes to the reduction of the post-prandial glycemic peak of the carbohydrates that we combine, for example chips or bread, in the traditional combination with hamburgers and hot dogs.

Characterized by a natural taste that combines sweet, salty, sour and bitter, it is a perfect food pairing with any meal giving flavor and liveliness.

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Tomato concentrate (42%) from Italy, apple juice (24%), balsamic vinegar (contains sulphites), cane sugar, parsnips (8%), soluble fiber of barley rich in Arabinoxylans (contains gluten) (2%) , dehydrated onion, salt, ginger, nutmeg, paprika, cloves.


Sulphites and gluten.

Nutritional facts

Typical values per 100 g
Energy (Kj) 486; energy (Kcal) 115; protein (g) 2.04; total lipids (g) 0.29; saturated fatty acids (g) 0.07; carbohydrates (g) 23.82 – of which sugars (g) 18.51, dietary fiber* (g) 4.39, salt (g) 0.72.
Values calculated on the basis of raw materials information.
*2g JAXplus – fiber rich in arabinoxylans. Arabinoxylan reduces postprandial glycemic elevation.


Pralina Srl



Preservation & storage

Store in a cool dry place. Refrigerate after opening and consume within 5 days. If properly stored, the product has a shelf life of 24 months.


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Ketchup Vegan Pralina JAXplus
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